Warm welcome to you @ navedz.com!!

As one door closes another opens, they say.

If you’re one of the many, many people who visit navedz.wordpress.com —from islamic education to amazing pictures, sermons (khutbah) to social and family relevance—rest assured that there is a new home for you at navedz.com. We will continue to make this blog a place for you to look up to for your insights.

Change is a word we often hear. Many of us understand what it is and also some of us know how to actually work on to achieve it. Change does seems little inconvenient. But with your patience and test of time, I do hope that this transition to my new blog is accepting.

navedz.com, will turn into the blog that we—and you—have always hoped it would become. With a strong wind at our backs and plenty of sunshine ahead, this voyage just keeps getting more exciting and more engaging.

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