‘Aqeedah Lessons for Small Children


‘Aqeedah Lessons for Small Children | Source: Abu al-‘Abbas Musa Richardson

A six part series of enthusiastic discussions with Muslim children about Allaah and the creation by Abu al-‘Abbas Musa Richardson. Musa Richardson interacts with small children in this audio series.

Here is the Youtube Playlist Link for above audios.

From the topics discussed:

Lesson 1 : Who is Allaah?

  • Who is our Lord?
  • Did Allaah make us?
  • Did Allaah make the animals?
  • Name something Allaah made in the sea?
  • Who made the sun?
  • Did Allaah make the mountains?
  • Who made the stars?
  • What else did Allaah make?
  • Who made the clouds?

Lesson 2 : Allaah Gives Us Food Every Day

  • Does Allaah give us food every day?
  • Who made us healthy?
  • Who gave us our mothers and fathers?
  • Did Allaah give us our teeth?
  • Who gave us our eyes?
  • What else did Allaah give us?
  • Did Allaah give us our noses?
  • Who gave us our homes?

Lesson 3 : There is No One Like Allaah

  • Is anyone like Allaah?
  • Did anyone else make the mountains?
  • Is Allaah way up high?
  • Is Allaah above everything?
  • Is anyone else above everything?
  • Is Allaah here in this room?
  • Allaah is where?
  • Is your father the same as Allaah?
  • Who is the same as Allaah?

Lesson 4 : Allaah Sees Us and Hears Us Wherever We Are

  • Does Allaah know everything?
  • Does Allaah know what we did yesterday?
  • Does Allaah know what we’re doing right now?
  • Does Allaah see and hear everthing we do?
  • Can anyone else see and hear everything that we do?
  • Where is Allaah?
  • Is Allaah above the sky?
  • Who else is above everything?
  • Who knows everything we do?
  • Does Allaah know that we are in a class right now?
  • Does Allaah know where your friends are?
  • Does Allaah hear us talking right now?
  • Does Allaah see us sitting down right now?
  • Are there some things that Allaah can not see or hear?
  • Does Allaah know what we are doing right now, see us and hear us right now?
  • Are there some things that Allaah does not know?

Lesson 5 : Allaah Heals Us When We Are Sick

  • What do we say when somone sneezes?
  • Who is the only one who can cure us?
  • Who do we ask when we are sick?
  • What is a du’a to say when we are sick?
  • What do we say before we eat?
  • What do we say after we eat?

Lesson 6 : The Questioning in the Grave (Mini al-‘Arabic Lesson)

  • Is Allaah above the sky?
  • Who knows everyhing we do?
  • Does Allaah see us right here and right now?
  • If someone asks you, man rabbuk (who is your Lord)…?


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