Download AL-QURAN : Arabic with English Translation

As-salaam Wa-alaikum!

“When the Quran is read, listen to it with attention, and hold your peace: that ye may receive Mercy.” (Al-Quran, Surah Al A’raf 7:204)

TAl-Quranhe Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, and any translation, at best, is an interpretation of the meaning,  intended only as a tool for the study and understanding of the original Arabic text and not the Quran itself.

Alrahman Printers and Publishers, a renowned name for printing Al-Quran, Digital Quran, and more. (Visit our Download page for more options)

A full Al-Quran, with english translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali,  is available for download in their download section. It is highly encouraged for every Muslim to read the Quran and hopefully this English translation will be a good reference. As Abdullah Yusuf Ali says, “It is the duty of every Muslim – man, woman, or child – to read the Quran and understand it according to his own capacity.” May Allah reward him for his life’s work, for it has changed the life of millions of humans irrevocably by allowing us to read the words of Allah’s divine guidance.

Please feel free to download it and send your valuable comments. You can download the Holy Al-Quran (Arabic with English Translation) here. The files are in PDF format.

Listen to Audio: Quran Recitation.

Video : Recorded Al-Quran recitation from the Holy Mosque in Makkah



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