Du’a : The Weapon of the Believer

Right now I’m in the middle of reading Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s book Du’a: The Weapon of the Believer. Masha’Allah, it’s an amazing book with a great deal to benefit from! May Allah reward Sheikh Yasir for his efforts, ameen!

One of the strongest factors that aids a person’s du’a in being accepted is that he expects, in fact, being certain, that Allah will of a surety respond to his du’a. When he expects the best from Allah, then Allah treats him in the way that he expects, and this is from the Perfection of Allah’s Nature, and an indication of His Beautiful Names.

Just ponder over the meanings of this one Hadith in order to get a glimpse of the vast treasures of the One whom you ask, for the Prophet (SAW) said that Allah Said:

“O My servants! If the first of, and the last of you; if the jinn of you and the men of you, were to stand on one plain and ask Me, and I gave every single person what he wanted, then all of that would not decrease from My Kingdom, except like a needle (decreases the amount of water) when it is placed in the ocean (and then taken out).”

Do good deeds! The more you obey Allah, fulfilling the obligatory commandments and striving to do voluntary acts of worship, the higher your chance of getting your du’a accepted!

A delay in the response of your du’a can actually be a means of drawing closer to Allah, if you take the correct understanding and act upon it; i.e. you don’t give up in frustration saying, “Oh, my du’a will never be answered!” – rather you realize that Allah withholds what it is you’re asking for out of His Divine Knowledge, Wisdom, and Justice – it may be that a thing you like is bad for you, and a thing that you hate is good for you.

I’ll finish off with that for now. Insha’Allah we’ll all benefit from this, and try to implement it in our daily lives!

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