Dua’ : O Allah, I ask You for beneficial knowledge..


“O Allah, I ask You for beneficial knowledge, a humble heart, certainty based on truth, and a tongue that moves in constant remembrance of You!

O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness for every sin that You prohibited to me but I opposed You by committing; and every sin that You forewarned me of but I remained firm in committing; and every sin that You deemed abominable but my lower self made attractive to me.

O Allah, forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my house as a believer and the believing men and the believing women. And do not increase the wrongdoers except in destruction.

O Allah! grant us wisdom and join us with the righteous.

“O Allah! forgive our living and our dead, those who are with us and those who are absent, our young and our old, our menfolk and our womenfolk.

O Allah, whomever you give life from among us give him life in Islam, and whomever you take way from us take him away in Faith.

O Allah, do not forbid us their reward and do not send us astray after them.

‘O Allah! Inspire in us guidance and deliver us from the evils within ourselves.”


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