Don’t Just Assume he is Salafi. Make Sure he is Salafi


Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool said:

I would like to draw my Salafi brothers’ attention to a dangerous issue. This issue has deceived them into thinking that anyone who is put forward to teach is [in fact] someone who should be studied under. So if he sees him writing on Salafi forums, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he has authored books, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he delivers sermons and he is able to articulate eloquently, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he gathers the youth and teaches them Tawheed or Usool ath Thalaatha and the likes of these issues, he thinks he is Salafi, if they see that he is a university teacher, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he is teacher in the Prophet’s Masjid or in the Haram of Makkah, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he is Judge, he thinks he is a Salafi. If he sees him appear on TV, he thinks he is Salafi. And in reality all of these affairs are not considered sufficient in asserting for him Salafiyaah according to the people of knowledge. It does not assert his suitability to teach and benefit his brothers. These affairs do not benefit him in any way. But rather we do not find except those who deviate and abstain from the gatherings of Salafi scholars using these matters to deceive the laymen into thinking they are Salafi.

So what is the path in distinguishing whether knowledge is sought from such a person?

There are two ways:

The First way: The scholars have praised him and mentioned that such a person is Salafi, and a student of knowledge whom should be benefited from. – And I will [also] draw your attention to a point here: If a Shaykh states that such a person is Salafi, this doesn’t necessarily mean he is suitable to teach. It is essential that two matters are mentioned: Firstly; He is Salafi. Secondly; He is suitable to teach.

We have seen some people deceive the laymen, simply because a shaykh has said he is Salafi. Fine, but did he say he is a scholar? Did he say he is a student of knowledge? The issue of [him being considered] Salafi is one rank and the issue of [him being considered] a scholar or student of knowledge is a higher rank. It is a rank higher than [merely] being a Salafi.

So it is not befitting for us to be deceived by these actions. Similarly, just because he visits Shaykh Rabee or he was in the house of Shaykh Rabee or other similar affairs which they use to deceive people. Therefore, the first issue is that there must be a scholarly commendation of his manhaj and Salafiyaah and also a commendation of his knowledge.

The Second way: is that his case must be known amongst the scholars and students of knowledge; his Salafiyyah is known and the scholars generally praise him whilst aiding and supporting him, which would then prove of course, that he is someone who is put forward for teaching. So if he is put forward and the scholars remain silent about him, but rather praise him, supporting him and aid him, then this – In-shaa’Allah, indicates that he is upon the truth.

However without these two points then beware! Beware! – may Allah bless you. – and do not be fooled. Do not be fooled by people who post on forums or people who deceive the laymen with these things.

I say repeatedly, some members of these forums or some of those whose religion has been put to trail could mention the likes of Shaykh Rabee or Shaykh Ubayd or Shaykh Muqbil or Shaykh an-Najmi or Shaykh ibn Baz or Shaykh al-Uthaymeen in order to catch the laymen and once they catch them, they spread their poison in them. This is why I view that we should ask these forums, Can we join them? Are they praised or not? Because they propagate knowledge that can be beneficial or harmful.

Translated by Salah al-Iranee

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