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Don’t Just Assume he is Salafi. Make Sure he is Salafi

Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool said: I would like to draw my Salafi brothers’ attention to a dangerous issue. This issue has deceived them into thinking that anyone who is put forward to teach is [in fact] someone who should be studied under. So if he sees him writing on Salafi forums, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he has authored books, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he delivers sermons and he is able to articulate eloquently, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he gathers the youth and teaches them Tawheed or Usool ath Thalaatha and the likes of these issues, he thinks he is Salafi, if they see that he is a university teacher, he thinks Read more ...
Salafi Manhaj

What is Salafi Manhaj?

The Salafi Manhaj - Our Da'wah, Our Call 1.  We call, first and foremost, to the worship of Allaah alone, without associating partners with Him. This was the starting point of the call of the Messengers (alayhumus salaam), just as Allaah has stated: "We sent a messenger to every nation proclaiming: Worship Allaah alone and leave the worship of the false deities." So this call to the worship of Allaah alone is coupled with the negation of the worship of anything besides Him. 2.  We believe that our Religion calls to many essentials, so we call to the most essential affair, followed by that which is next in importance, in accordance to the Quranic Read more ...