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The Tyranny of the Rulers is Not a Reason for Rebellion

The goal of the Jihadist sects is one and the same: rebellion against those in authority and a desire to rule over the Muslim lands. They may alter their names and titles but their ideology remains the same. Islam itself, despite what these sects assert, forbids open censure and rebellion against even the most wicked and tyrannical of Muslim rulers. The Prophet of Allaah (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam), upon whose statements and actions we establish our religion, stated in an authentic tradition: “There will appear after me rulers, they will not guide by my guidance, and they will not establish my Sunnah; there will be amongst them men whose hearts will Read more ...

Don’t Just Assume he is Salafi. Make Sure he is Salafi

Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool said: I would like to draw my Salafi brothers’ attention to a dangerous issue. This issue has deceived them into thinking that anyone who is put forward to teach is [in fact] someone who should be studied under. So if he sees him writing on Salafi forums, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he has authored books, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he delivers sermons and he is able to articulate eloquently, he thinks he is Salafi. If he sees that he gathers the youth and teaches them Tawheed or Usool ath Thalaatha and the likes of these issues, he thinks he is Salafi, if they see that he is a university teacher, he thinks Read more ...