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questions regarding Islam

7 Fundamental Questions Regarding Islam

Question 1. What is Islam? Islam is an Arabic term that means: "To submit oneself to Almighty God by worshipping him alone, to yield in obedience to Him, and to free oneself from idolatry and those who worship other than Almighty God". Unlike the names used for other religions, the term Islam is not an attachment to any human being, time or location. For example, Buddhism was named after it's founder Gautama Buddha; Judaism refers to one of the sons of the Biblical patriarch Jacob (Israel), and Christianity is a reference to Jesus Christ. The term Islam on the other hand is a connection to the submission and worship of the one true Lord and Creator of Read more ...
laa illaha illalla

Testimony that Laa llaaha Illa-Allah

This phrase has two parts: 1) "Laa llaaha" : Which negates that anything or anyone deserves to be worshipped other than Allah. 2) "Illa-Allah" : Which affirms that Allah alone truly deserves to be worshipped. Allah (Subhanahu Ta’ala) said: "And (remember) when Ibraheem said to his father and his people: "Verily, I am innocent of what you worship, except Him (i.e Allah alone I worship none) Who did create me; and verily, He will guide me." [43:26-27] Therefore it's not sufficient to worship Allah, rather you must worship Him alone. The Tawheed of a person is not correct except by singling out Allah in worship and freeing one's self from polytheism Read more ...