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Ramadan : Give it the Right it Deserves

Benefits from Shaikh al-Fawzan | Ref: Khutub al-Minbariyyah, vol. 5. pp. 259-262 Take advantage of this month, may Allaah show you mercy, because for many of you it will not return. So grasp this opportunity with whatever ability Allaah has given you – and with whatever endeavor He (Subhanahu wa ta'ala) has facilitated for you from acts of obedience, and encouragement for you. So recognize the status of this month, and give it the right is deserves by obeying Allaah, the Most High. Increase in supplications, and in seeking His forgiveness and in repenting to Him, for the arrival of this month is good for the Muslim. So if a Muslim strives in the obedience Read more ...