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Allaahu akbar

And attributing deficiencies to Allaah is a violation of His Lordship

Imaam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhaab (rahimahullaah) stated in his book Masaa’ilil Jaahiliyyah: They [i.e. people of the era of pre-Islamic ignorance] Attributed Deficiencies to Allaah (Glorified Be Him and Free is He from all Imperfections), Such As (attributing) a Child (to Him), Being in Need and Tiredness, While (They) Freed Their Monks from Some of These Deficiencies. Shaikh Saaleh al Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him) explained the above, saying: Deficiency is opposite to Perfection. And attributing deficiencies to Allaah [Glorified Be He and Free is He From all Imperfections] is a violation of His Lordship, and that is the (case) when a son is attributed Read more ...