Do not sully your scrolls after Hajj! Advice from Sk Uthaymeen


Do not sully your scrolls after Hajj! Advice from Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-Uthaymeen:

Returning to sins after performing the obligatory Hajj is a major setback; because the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) said:

“Whoever performs the obligatory Hajj and does not commit obscenity or sin, he will return – meaning from his sins – like the day his mother gave birth to him.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari, 1521]

And he (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) said:

“The accepted Hajj has no reward except for paradise.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Thus if he purifies and cleans his scrolls with his Hajj then it is foolish to blacken the scroll with his evil actions after Hajj.

Likewise also, the season of fasting during Ramadan, if the person returns to sins then he has suffered a great loss, and a tremendous setback. Thus it is upon him to return to Allah (Subhanahu Ta’ala) again, and to seek His forgiveness and to repent. And the one who repents from sin is like the one who has no sin or even more so. And the person may be in a better situation after sin if he repents to Allah and seeks His forgiveness than he was before that. Have you not seen Adam?

Allah (Subhanahu Ta’ala) said about him:

“Then Adam and his wife ate of the tree, and so their private parts appeared to them, and they began to stick on themselves the leaves from Paradise for their covering. Thus did Adam disobey his Lord, so he went astray. Then his Lord chose him, and turned to him with forgiveness, and gave him guidance.” [Surah Taha 20:121,122]

His being chosen, his repentance, and guidance occurred after the sin. Thus a person may be in a better condition after the sin than he was before the sin if he repents to Allah (Subhanahu Ta’ala) and returns, and acknowledges he is in complete need of Allah (Subhanahu Ta’ala) the Exalted.

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