The Devil’s Attempt

A man once dreamt of Satan.

Satan was holding some frayed ropes and broken chains and he was fuming with anger.

In his dream, the man felt curious and asked the devil: “Hey, devil, why are you carrying these things?”

The devil answered: “I trap people and drag them along with these ropes and chains.”

“Why are you looking so furious?” the man wanted to know.

“Tonight, I intended to drag Sheikh Ansari towards me and to evil but, I failed. Each time I pulled on the ropes or chains, they snapped. I did this seven times, but the result was just the same. Now I am very disappointed about the Sheikh.”

In the morning, the man rushed to the Sheikh without delay and informed him about the dream.

“Alhamdulillah, God has saved me,” said the Sheikh, “Last night, my wife’s labour pains started. I needed some money to buy the required medicines and things. But I had no money at home, except some money which I was holding in trust for someone. I told myself that the owner of the money would be pleased to lend some of it to me at such a time.

But I was prudent and decided not to take any of it. I hesitated seven times and, finally, I became firmly determined not to take the money. Almighty God then eased the delivery pains and my wife had no serious problem in giving birth to our child.”

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