Interpersonal Skills: Smile and keep smiling

I have known a person for years, as he is one of my work colleagues. Would you believe me if I tell you that to this day I do not know if More »

Inspiration: What would you do if you found a bag with lots of money?

Episode-3 from the amazing Inspiration Series by Mohamed Zeyara. "Indeed, we offered the Trust (the trust or moral responsibility or honesty and all the duties which Allah has ordained) to the heavens and More »

Inspiration: Who can awaken your conscience?

Episode-2 from the amazing Inspiration Series by Mohamed Zeyara.   More »

Inspiration: Believe in Allah and the Last Day? Maintain Strong Family Ties

Episode-1 from the amazing Inspiration Series by Mohamed Zeyara. More »

The Jews Alter and Change the Law, Such As Stoning the Adulterer

"O Messenger (Muhammad sal-Allaahu 'alayhe wa sallam)! Let not those who hurry to fall into disbelief grieve you, of such who say: "We believe" with their mouths but their hearts have no More »

The Story of the Boy and the King from Surah al-Buruj

The Story of the Boy and the King - from Surah al-Buruj: Tafsir Ibn Kathir Imam Ahmad recorded from Suhayb that the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) said: Among the people who More »

The Rights of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him)

The Rights of Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) is the greatest right of any of the creation. None of the creation have a right greater than the rights of Allah's Messenger sal-Allaahu More »

“There Are Times Where My Heart Feels Clouded”

Al-Agharr al-Muzani, who was one amongst the Companions (of the Holy Prophet) reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: "There are times where my heart feels clouded (innahu la More »

What goes up must come down…?

Source: | By: Jinan Bastaki There is something striking about the life of Yusuf 'alyahi as-salaam (peace be upon him). Every time it seems something good is happening to him, it is taken More »

The Jews breach the Sanctity of the Sabbath

The Prescription of the Sabbath for the Jews There is no doubt that for every nation, Allah prescribed one day of the week for people to gather to worship Him. For this More »

Speak Good

Interpersonal Skills: Do not be Dictatorial!

Compare between three fathers. Each one of them sees his son sitting in front of the television screen during the days of his examination. The first one says to his son, “Muhammad! Revise your lessons!” The second says, “Majid! If you do not revise, by Allah, I will hit you and I will not give you any pocket money!” The third says, “Salih! Would you please revise your lessons? It would be better than watching television, don’t you think?” Which of the three would be considered best manners? Undoubtedly, the third, since he presented his order to him as if it were only a suggestion. Similarly, it should be the case when dealing with your Read more ...
israel the terrorist_mobile message to gaza

Modern Israel: Pioneers of Terror in the Holy Land

Source: SuhaibWebb | By: Shibli Zaman I often hear the awfully misinformed and false claim: “They have been killing each other forever and they will just keep at it.” The truth is that, for 1400 years, Muslims ruled Palestine and the entire region, and Muslims, Christians and Jews had lived in peace. Of course, there were exceptions, such as when the European Crusaders, mowing down the inhabitants of Ma'arrat al-Nu'man on the way [Edward Peters, The First Crusade: The Chronicle of Fulcher of Chartres and Other Source Materials (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998), 84.], invaded Jerusalem and killed every man, woman and child,  and 10,000 people Read more ...
What is Barbaric?

Rania Masri Speech: “Mr.Obama, What is Barbaric?”

A speech by Rania Masri, the keynote speaker, during the ‘Texas For Gaza’ protest on August 2, 2014 in Austin Texas.

(Note that the recording missed the first few seconds. She began it by saying that “Yesterday, the Obama administration said that the abduction of the Israeli invading soldier by the Palestinian Resistance was a ‘barbaric act’.”)


Gaza massacre

Israeli Deceptions Revealed in Story of ‘Kidnapped’ Soldier

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth | Source: PalestineChronicle A single incident at the weekend – the reported capture by Hamas on Friday of an Israeli soldier through a tunnel – illustrated in stark fashion the layers of deception Israel has successfully cast over its attack on Gaza. On Sunday, as the army indicated it would start limited withdrawals, Israel claimed Hadar Goldin was dead, possibly buried in a collapsed tunnel as Israel bombarded the area in which he was seized. His family said he was being left behind. Israeli officials or media did not view Hamas’ operation dispassionately. Goldin was not “captured” but “kidnapped” Read more ...
O Allah, Make us of Your Few Servants

O Allah, Make us of Your ‘Few’ Servants!

From Kitab al-Zuhd by Ahmad bin Hanbal | Translated by Jinan Bastaki When Umar bin al-Khattab radi allahu 'anhu (may God be pleased with him) was walking in the market, he passed by a man who was supplicating, “O Allah, make us of Your ‘few’ servants! O Allah make us of Your ‘few’ servants!” So 'Umar said to him, “Where did you get this du'a (supplication) from?” And the man said, “Allah in His Book says 'And few of My servants are grateful.' (Quran 34:13)” So 'Umar wept and admonished himself, “The people are more knowledgeable than you, O Umar! O Allah make us of Your 'few' servants.” Sometimes when you advise someone Read more ...
Crying during supplication to Allah

Remembering Allah – Supplications (Dua) from the Quran

All praise is for Allah. We praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness and we repent to Him. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the wickedness of our own deeds. Whomever Allah guides, cannot be lead astray, and whomever Allah misguides, none can guide him. I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah alone, with no partner or associate. He has blessed His slaves with seasons of mercy and forgiveness, and He has generously bestowed upon them times when they may increase in righteousness and good deeds, times of goodness, bounty and blessings. And I bear witness that our Prophet Muhammad is His Slave and His Messenger, Read more ...

Tafsir of Surah Al Qadr (The Night Of Power)

Tafsir of Surah Al Qadr (The Night Of Power) - Tafsir Ibn Kathir In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious Most Merciful. 1. Verily, We have sent it down in the Night of Al-Qadr 2. And What will make you know what the Night of Al-Qadr is? 3. The Night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months. 4. Therein descend the angels and the Ruh by their Lord’s permission with every matter. 5. There is peace until the appearance of dawn. [Surah Al Qadr, 97:1-5] The Virtues of the Night of Al-Qadr (the Decree) Allah informs that He sent the Quran down during the Night of Al-Qadr, and it is a blessed night about which Allah says, "We sent it down Read more ...
Palestinian-Israeli conflict

When Reporting Becomes a Weapon of Mass Deception

By: Dr. Mosheer Amer – Gaza | Source: PalestineChronicle Mainstream media pursues reporting that is antithetical to the promise of ethical journalism and contributes in prolonging the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “I want to apologize now and tonight for my error on the broadcast Tuesday. We’ll correct it tonight on [ABC]”, said a tweet from America’s ABC News Diane Sawyer on 10 July after she falsely misreported the scene of the aftermath of an Israeli air raid on Palestinians in Gaza as destruction caused by Palestinian rockets. Whether Sawyer’s misreporting of events on the ground is a case of gratuitous ignorance or willful omission, Read more ...

Friday Khutbah (Sermons) : Ramadan – Season of virtuous deeds

Friday Khutbah (Sermons) : Ramadan - Season of virtuous deeds - by Imam Al-Haramain, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz-as-Sudais Makkah al-Mukarramah; Translated by Nasiruddin al-Khattab The Transcript: Verily all praise is due to Allah; we praise Him and seek His help and guidance; we ask Him for forgiveness and we repent to Him. We believe in Him and put our trust in Him, and we praise Him by attributing all good to Him. We seek refuge with Allah from the evils of our own selves and from our bad deeds. Whoever Allah guides none can lead astray, and whoever Allah sends astray, none can guide. I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship Read more ...
night of prayers

When is the Night of Al-Qadr?

Imaams Al-Albaanee and Ibn Al-'Uthaimeen The Night of Al-Qadr occurs in the last ten nights of Ramadan during an odd night (i.e. 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th). However the scholars differ as to if it is fixed to one of these odd nights every year or if it changes every year to a different odd-numbered night. Below are the sayings of two of our great scholars, Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-'Uthaimeen and Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee (may Allah have mercy on both of them). The Night of Al-Qadr has a Fixed Date: The best night in Ramadan is the Night of Al-Qadr, based on the Prophet's saying: “Whoever performs the night prayer on the Night of Al-Qadr Read more ...