When will come the Help of Allah?

Trials. At times they are overwhelming. As soon as we get through one, another one seems to simply be waiting for us. Time and time again they pull us backward, and sometimes More »

Openings for Iblis

"It is a pity," argued Gai Eaton, "that so few people believe any longer in the shaytan, the devil, if not in a personalised form, at least as an influence or a More »

How the Truth struck me like lightning – Zahra Bainter

Zahra Baintner is a German woman who traversed a turbulent phase of life to finally embrace Islam. In her story, Baintner says she was not lucky enough to be born in a More »

Do we give Charity like Abu Bakr or even Umar?

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam), he would captivate people’s hearts merely by the charm of his manners and his ability to demonstrate his true love for them. Abu Bakr (radhi’Allahu More »

Interpersonal Skills: How the Prophet dealt with Adversaries

The Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) would always be just with the disbelievers and even be ready to sacrifice his life in order to call them to Islam and rectify their affairs. He More »

Begging is Permissible till one gets what will support life

Qabisa b. Mukhariq al-Hilali narrates that: "I was under debt and I came to the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) and begged from him regarding it. He said: 'Wait till we More »

If what you desire does not happen, then desire that which does

If you are obliged to do something or forced into a situation then you might as well enjoy it!. This is what I used to say to a young man who had More »

Al-Aqsa vs Israel: The Lurking Danger Beneath

Source : PalestineChronicle | By Ramzy Baroud Something sinister is brewing around and below al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, and it has the hallmark of a familiar Israeli campaign to strip More »

Islam’s Care for Knowledge

Guest Post by Aadil Mehraj from subulussalaam.org No society cares about knowledge like the Muslim society that is guided by the teachings of its true religion. Islam regards knowledge as obligatory for every individual in More »

Friday Khutbah (Sermons) : Islam, the Religion of Mercy

Friday Khutbah (Sermons) : Islam, the Religion of Mercy - by Imam Al-Madinah Al-Munawarrah  ’Ali Abd-ur-Rahman al-Hudhaifi from the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, on 17th Sha'baan 1422AH The Transcript: "Allah divided mercy More »

The Owners of the Elephant

The Owners of the Elephant The Year of the Elephant: April 20, 571 AD “Have you (O Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam)) not seen how your Lord dealt with the Owners of the More »

The Owners of the Elephant

The Owners of the Elephant

The Owners of the Elephant The Year of the Elephant: April 20, 571 AD “Have you (O Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam)) not seen how your Lord dealt with the Owners of the Elephant? [The elephant army which came from Yemen under the command of Abrahah Al-Ashram intending to destroy the Ka'bah at Makkah]. Did He not make their plot go astray? And sent against them birds, in flocks, Striking them with stones of Sijjil. And made them like an empty field of stalks (of which the corn has been eaten up by cattle).” [Surah al-Fil, 105:1-5] “The Owners of the Elephant” refers to the army of Abrahah ibn Al-Ashram Al-Habashi, who became ruler of Yemen Read more ...

The Fig and the Olive, Mount Sinai, and the City of Security (Makkah)

“By the fig, and the olive, By Mount Sinai, And by this city of security (Makkah). Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould), Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low, Save those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous deeds, then they shall have a reward without end (Paradise). Then what (or who) causes you (O disbelievers) to deny the Recompense (i.e. Day of Resurrection)? Is not Allah the Best of judges?” [Surah At-Tin, 95:1-8] Here, Allah Subhanahu ta’ala swears by holy and honored places, places that He Subhanahu ta’ala chose for revelation to come down to His Prophets and Messengers. The first of those places is Read more ...
interpersonal skills

Interpersonal Skills: Be kind at the first meeting

It was the habit in some rural areas of old Egypt that a groom before his wedding night would hide a cat in his room. On the wedding night, when alone with his wife, he would move a chair slightly to so as to free the cat. He would then demonstrate his might to his wife by getting hold of the poor cat and strangling it to death! Why? So that the first impression of him imprinted in the mind of his wife would be one of awe! When I graduated from university and took up a position as an instructor at a college, a senior instructor advised me, saying, “Be stern with the students during your first lesson and stare at them with furious eyes so they will Read more ...
The only ayah of the Quran that was revealed inside the Kaaba

The only Ayah of Quran that was revealed inside the Kaaba

Do you know which is the only ayah in the Quran that was revealed inside the Kaaba in Masjid al-Haraam, the Sacred Mosque or Baitullah, the House of Allah? Today let us learn about this ayah, understand the amazing reason for which it was revealed, and also appreciate the miracle that exists to this day! In pre-Islamic times the Arabs used to regard the sanctity of Kaaba but in their own way. During the days of Hajj, the services of providing water to the pilgrims was entrusted to Abbas (radhiallahu anhu), the uncle of the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wassallam. The custodial duty of keeping the keys to the House of Allah and, of opening and closing Read more ...
lower your gaze

The Great Virtue of Lowering the Gaze

~ By Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah   Allah, the Exalted said, "Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts; that will make for greater purity for them. Indeed Allah is well acquainted with all that they do." [Surah Al-Nur 24:30] So Allah made purification and spiritual growth to be the outcome of lowering the gaze and guarding the private parts. It is for this reason that lowering ones gaze from (seeing) the prohibited things necessarily leads to three benefits that carry tremendous value and are of great significance. The First: Experiencing the Delight and Sweetness of Faith This delight and Read more ...

Love during the Time of Quraysh

Love is a powerful theme that features throughout history, with the power to launch a thousand ships or destroy a country. Zainab bint Muhammad (radhiAllahu anha) is an example of the strength of love and a Muslim woman's patience and courage. Although her story does not feature as prominently in Islamic history as some other Sahabiyaat such as her mother, Khadijah, or her step-mother Aishah, she experienced one of the most difficult struggles faced by Muslim women: the battle between true love and spiritual conviction. Zainab bint RasulAllah (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) was the eldest daughter of RasulAllah (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) and his Read more ...
John Kerry - Israel and Boycotts

Israel Lambasts John Kerry for ‘Amplifying’ Boycott

Poor US Secretary of State John Kerry. He tries to defend Israel, even to save Israel; he tries to legitimize its illegal occupation and have the Palestinians accept their dispossession, and in return he is lambasted by Israel’s politicians as “an amplifier” of “anti-Semitic boycotts.” John Kerry, who has been engaged since the summer in trying to resurrect the long moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process, is due to present his proposed framework agreement to both sides in the coming week. If reports are to be believed, the framework agreement gives much more to Israel than is either morally or legally justified. Indeed if it corresponds Read more ...
hold the stick

Hold the stick from the middle

“You are beautiful. Your house is in order. I don’t deny that the children are tiring you out. However, if only you could look after their clothes more.” “Thank you very much for deciding to teach as a career. Allah has gifted you with a flair for teaching.Your students love you very much. However, I wish that you would not turn up late for work in the morning.” This is how a righteous person behaves with the people. He mentions the good points first and then brings his attention to the faults, in order to be balanced in his approach. When you criticise, try to mention where the person is right before mentioning where he is wrong. Always Read more ...
do not marry these women type

Do Not Marry these 7 Women

Do not Marry these 7 types of Women: 1. Al-Annaanah: The woman who whines, moans and complains and ‘ties a band around her head’ all the time (i.e. complains of a headache or some illness but in reality she is not sick, rather she is faking). 2. Al-Mannaanah: The woman who bestows favours, gifts, etc. upon her husband then (at that time or the future) says; "I did such and such for you or on your behalf or because of you." 3. Al-Hannaanah: The women who yearns or craves for her former husband or children of the former husband. 4. Kay’atul-Qafaa: The women who has a brand mark on the nape of her neck (i.e. has a bad reputation Read more ...
The sky over the Switzerland is large enough, No to Intolerance. No to the Minaret Ban Initiative

The Swiss who wanted Minarets Banned embraced Islam

The Swiss politician Daniel Streich, who rose to fame as a result of his opposition to mosques in his homeland, Switzerland, has now embraced the faith he reviled. Daniel Streich was a member of the Swiss People’s Party in Switzerland. A well-known politician, Streich led the calls for a ban on minarets across Switzerland. He was active in building anti-Muslim sentiments throughout Switzerland. This sustained campaign led to him being given a high-ranking position in the Swiss Army. Daniel Streich, born in Bulle, Canton of Fribourg, is a Swiss military instructor, community council member and a former member of Swiss People’s Party (SVP). Streich Read more ...