for my good friend!

What is a friendship worth?

Is it worth listening to the rumblings of jealousy born from resentment of the closeness shared?
Is it worth turning a blind eye to the glee of that surround us at the first sign of dispute and disagreement?
Is it worth ignoring the speed with which others, in their frenzied need to denigrate, hurry to add to our uncertainties?
Is it worth that benefit of doubt that we can extend to our enemy but not to our closest friends?
Is it worth allow the insecurities that dwell inside to emerge and tear at the fabric of love that has been woven in your heart?
Is it worth leaving the memories of shared dreams and moments behind on a field of angry words, thoughts and actions?
Is it worth an unforgiving heart that refuses to hear another’s cries and will not allow for human fragilities?
Is it worth the stubborn pride that keeps us from admitting we might have been wrong or might not have understood?
Is it worth hardening your sweet soul to the pleas for understanding from someone who once shared your thoughts and emotions on a daily basis?
Is it worth giving up that part of you that you once gave freely and with love to another?
Is it worth forgetting all the good in favor of the bad?
Is it worth the tears of God as He mourns the anger inside our hearts?

If friendship is worth so little, then was it truly friendship?

Forever FriendsFriends will sometimes hurt you.
Life is not fair. Life is not always pretty.
Often without meaning to, we hurt those we love most.
And often those we love hurt us, again without desire or thought of doing so.
Love – and the greatest of these is Love…

Hearts that have been entwined can never fully part.

So is it worth the anger?
The hurt?
The silence?

I had gone to bed… but i couldnt sleep. I had some misunderstanding with a friend of mine. By the grace of God, I have so many friends, but why its only me who has to go thru the pain of losing. The pain of losing a friend or a relation. I just dont like losing on any relation. The thought of losing on a relation is frightening. I have been very chosy about making close friends… friends with whom i can share my past, my present, my future,  the happy as well as the sad times, n more. I have developed this fear now. Even at the slightest of indifference and I get the feeling that i might lose a friend.  … i value people and the relations so much, is that where i am going wrong? I have always gone out of my way for everybody that i come across… did i go wrong there?? I dont know. I really dont know. All i was trying to let my friend know that i m here to stay… n i wish the same for her. Maybe the way i communicated it was not so good enough. Maybe she misunderstood.

To me a friendship is worth a lot. I dont commit myself to friendship so easily nowadays, but since i have… i am gonna stick to it. Now its upto my friends whether they can allow me to be friends or not… for keeps.